Spirit Talker

Native warrior series book 2

written by .. Elizabeth Anne Porter

Narrated by …….Christy Sassmen

As a child ,Clementine Monroe had an imaginary friend . Year after year , whenever she visited her grandparents cabin in South Dakota . she and Wihanbla would meet and spend time learning about each other’s worlds-hers in the twenty -first century, his on the cusp of the infamous battles that would eventually lead to the internment of his people on reservations. Now grown , Clementine knows better. Wihanbla is as real as the sunshine she sees when she opens her eyes each day. she may not be able to touch it or him , but both are beautiful and true. they may be two individuals out of time , but there love is timeless . Over the years , Clementine grows desperate for a way to be with the man she knows is her true soul mate – but how ?

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